Chelsio Communications T580-SO-CR Dual Port 40GbE

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Chelsio Communications T580-SO-CR Dual Port

10/40GbE Server Offload Adapter with PCIe 3.0 x8 Interface, QSFP connector

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The T5 has hundreds of programmable registers for protocol configurations, RFCs, and offload control. The T580-SO-CR can offload processing per connection, per-server, per-interface, and globally and simultaneously tunnel traffic from non-offloaded connections to the host processor for the native TCP/IP stack to process. The T580-SO-CR provides a flexible zero-copy capability for regular TCP connections, requiring no changes to the sender, to deliver line rate performance at minimal CPU utilization.

Packet Switching and Routing

T580-SO-CR integrates a high performance packet switch, which allows switching traffic from any of the input ports to any of the output ports (wire-to-wire) and from any of the output ports to any of the input ports (host-to-host).

Robust, Proven Solution

Subjected to thousands of hours of compatibility testing, over multiple years of stress testing by several OEM test suites and production deployment in servers, storage systems, and cluster computing, Chelsio’s robust, stable protocol offload technology delivers proven performance in a wide range of environments. The T580-SO-CR is generations ahead of competing products.